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Design for web

We’re visual design experts so we understand how words, images, space and colour work in any medium. Website design allows us to use those skills within a technology that offers exciting possibilities. But before we get involved in the technicalities, we’ll work with you to establish exactly how you want your site to work and what you want it to achieve.

We promise not to baffle you with technology or jargon either. Whether it’s a simple site or complex e-commerce we’ll just explain how the website we design and build for you will do exactly what you want it to. We include all the necessary training too so you can manage your own site in-house to save costs.

We have experience of all types of web design from simple sites for small entrepreneurs to complex sites with online shops, online event booking and even multilingual sites so whatever your needs, we can help.

We can explain the benefits of responsive websites (like this one) that automatically adapt to all types of smart phones, iPads and tablet devices to make sure you get the best positions in Google searches with built-in SEO software that can be managed simply.

We build websites in-house using WordPress which is unrivalled for its flexibility, ease-of-use and ability to be expanded or adapted as your business needs change. We can suggest other features that will make your site work that will engage visitors and increase your web traffic, and of course we can provide photography, copywriting and any other help you need to present your organisation at its best.

That way we make sure that your website has great style, clear navigation and easily accessible content so users will get the most out of it, you get the results you want, and we get another happy client.